Copy Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Watch

Being popular in recent years, Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time watches welcomes a new pilot’s watch. As a big surprise, the new replica Patek Philippe has a classic and rugged design, handy jumping-hour dual time complication and a trick pusher design, this odd-ball Calatrava stands out in Patek’s current line up; all these issues make it the same as original watches.

The newest replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time is also based on old Patek Philippe hour angle watches that helped pilots calculate their position when used in tandem with a sextant and a radio. Patek opted to use their travel time functionality to add some flare to the rather common pilot watch aesthetic. With support for dual time zones through a jumping hour hand, day/night indication for both home and local time, and a sub dial for the date, this is a nicely featured and well thought-out design for a travel complication.

The new replica watch also has 42MM diameter, thickness of 11.78mm and a lug to lug slightly under 51mm, the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time feels excellent on wrist, with a very masculine. The dial is done in a very dark blue lacquer that appears somewhat grey in all but bright lighting. The hands are blued steel with ample luminor and the Arabic numbers are also generously luminous in darkness. Moreover, the supplemental hour hand can be hidden beneath the main hour hand when the owner is not traveling.

In order to make sure the replica watch has a good water resistance function and to protect the time display from accidental water immerse, the pushers for the travel time feature a patent-pending locking pusher design that only requires a light quarter turn of the pusher cap to lock the pusher in place. In hand, this feature feels and works beautifully, and it’s an elegant solution that is much more user friendly than a traditional screw-down pusher.

Although the new replica watch looks a little bit strange within Patek Philippe collection, many watch fans found it to be entirely charming. This isn

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